Dr. Jayanta Pathak

Dr Jayanta Pathak

Dr. Pathak is currently working as Professor at the Department of Civil Engineering at Assam Engineering College. Dr. Pathak is a visiting scholar at the Smart Villages Lab (SVL) for a duration of five weeks from 20 August2017 till 25 Sep 2017. During the visit, Dr. Pathak will undertake a series of activities in teaching and research for developing capacities in Construction Management practices in Assam.

As part of the new Construction Management program in Assam Engineering College (AEC), Dr. Pathak will develop the state of art teaching materials in three key areas namely Building Regulation, Contract Management; and Repair, Rehabilitation and Retrofitting of Structures. Under the guidance of a number of experts and the project team members from the University of Melbourne, Dr. Pathak will develop expertise in innovative teaching and learning techniques and relevant research processes for supporting the construction management practices in Assam. Dr. Pathak will also be working on the contextualisation of the prototype building to be constructed at Majuli, Assam.