Dr. Manjuri Hazarika

Dr Manjuri Hazarika

Dr. Manjuri Hazarika is currently working as Associate Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Assam Engineering College. Dr. Hazarika was a visiting scholar at the Smart Villages Lab (SVL) for a duration of seven weeks from 29 April 2019 till 15 June 2019. During the visit, Dr. Hazarika interacted with the faculty and students of UoM and participated in different activities in teaching and research and carry the experience for capacity building practices in Assam.

As part of the Construction Management program in Assam Engineering College, Dr. Hazarika developed the state of art teaching materials in the key area of Construction Safety. Moreover, as part of the Construction Management Short Courses for Professionals ‐ A competency-based skill development initiative through Multi‐skilling and Sustainability Centre of AEC, Dr. Manjuri Hazarika and Dr Purobi Patowary have jointly developed sixteen short course modules for professionals. Proper mapping of the stakeholders with respect to the short courses will also be developed by them. Under the guidance of a number of experts and the project team members from the University of Melbourne, Dr. Hazarika will develop expertise in innovative teaching and learning techniques and relevant research processes for supporting the construction management practices in Assam.